Seahawks’ Jamal Adams fined $50,000 after berating concussion doctor

Jamal Adams, a Seahawks defensive back, was fined $50,000 for berating an independent concussion doctor during the team's Week 6 game against the Bengals.

The NFL fined him after he "directed verbal remarks and made inappropriate physical contact" with the doctor,

who was testing Seahawks wideout Jake Bobo for a possible concussion, according to CBS Sports.

Adams may be heard exclaiming "He good! He good!" in a piece of video of game highlights broadcast on YouTube by the Seahawks. 

He good!" Bobo exclaimed as he was escorted to the injury tent, but no physical contact was visible in the video.

Before being tackled by Bengals safety Dax Hill, Bobo had just caught a 20-yard pass from Geno Smith.

To make matters worse, Adams had just evaded league discipline in the previous game when he berated 

 the independent concussion doctor after being ruled out of the game against the Giants due to a concussion.

The NFL penalized Seahawks safety Jamal Adams $50,000 for berating an independent concussion doctor who was testing 

his teammate Jake Bobo.Getty Images/Icon Sportswire"First and foremost, I want to apologize to the OG," Adams said in a statement.

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