She dreamt something terrible would happen to her family, then woke to the blast that killed them.

JERICHO — Muna Habil collapsed to her knees in agony, unconsolable despite the efforts of her neighbors to console her.

Habil sobbed, "I have no one left; all my family is gone. "They were killed by them."

Around 6 a.m. local time on Saturday (11 p.m. ET on Friday), a blast at a building in the Al Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza.....

killed her mother, father, brother, and sister-in-law. Her nieces and nephews, who were five, also passed away.

Habil claimed that while she was asleep in the building next door, she had a nasty dream about them.

 Her dream turned into a real-life horror.

She claimed that when she awoke, she discovered several destroyed structures, at least one of which was a house that was occupied.

Inquiries from NBC News concerning whether or whether the building where her family was living was targeted, and if so, why, were not explicitly addressed by the Israel Defense Forces.

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