Shilo Sanders currently leads Deion Sanders' kid rankings

Deion Sanders hasn't released his most recent kid power rankings, but Shilo is presently ranked first. 

He was asked about the procedure last week while visiting Lance Armstrong in his office.

Sanders' ability to assemble the ranking astounded the seven-time Tour de France champion.

Armstrong doubts he'll ever be able to achieve it.

"Right now, it's probably Shilo," Coach Prime remarked, according to Reach The People Media.

"The Colorado stuff has already jumped the shark," commented one enthusiast.

Armstrong inquired whether his daughter, Shelomi, had ever reached the pinnacle. Sanders replied, 'No,' and explained why. "My girls take, take, take, take most of the time." 

 'Can I' is my surname. Can I, Daddy? Can I, Daddy? Can I have this, Daddy? "Can I, Daddy?"

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