Should players don't arrive on time, lockers will be wiped out, according to Deion Sanders.

The Colorado Buffaloes are getting some well-deserved time off this week. On Sunday,

they'll recuperate in Boulder before facing 25th-ranked UCLA. Deion Sanders was direct with his teammates about 

the consequences of returning from the break late. Last week, he described the technique to Lance Armstrong in his office. 

"On Sunday, we'll practise." "As a result, they'll have to return Saturday night," Sanders said, according to Reach The People.

 "They know if they're a minute late their locker will be cleaned." Colorado has moved on from its historically humiliating loss to Stanford two weeks ago

Sanders took it personally and pledged the Buffs will rebound in the final five weeks of the season

 Armstrong and his family were informed.Following the Cardinals' double overtime victory

He slept in his workplace on Friday the 13th. Sanders' commitment to excellence at CU is unrivaled.

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