SNL Picks Biden 

Mikey Day played President Biden in an episode hosted by Nate Bargatze, featuring Christopher Walken as the Spirit of Halloween. 

Day joins a list of actors who have portrayed Biden on "S.N.L.," including Sudeikis, Harrelson, Mulaney, Carrey, and Moffat. 

James Austin Johnson also portrays Biden and Trump on the show. 

Day begins the sketch in the Oval Office, discussing Halloween and the world's challenges. 

Day comically attempts to hang Halloween decorations but changes his mind about climbing a wobbly ladder. 

He inspects a severed arm, attributing it to his dog Commander. 

Day humorously mentions having ghost friends. 

Michael Longfellow appears as the Republican speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, and Christopher Walken visits to convey the true meaning of Halloween. 

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