SNL’s Coach Prime parody missed the mark: Deion Sanders’ daughter Shelomi

The 49th episode of "Saturday Night Live" on NBC featured a sketch in which Keenan Thompson's portrayal of "Deion Sanders" 

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In September, "Deion mania" swept the sports world after Coach Prime's Buffaloes defeated TCU in a nail-biting Week 1 match.

The phony Coach Prime commanded, "Colin, look at me, man." "What about me leads you to believe that I am interested in what you think of me? 

 Man, you do not realize how strong my team is. Coaching? Genius. Offense? Explosive. Defense? Trying. Man, it is a total package.

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The live audience laughed throughout the entire skit, but Shelomi Sanders, Sanders' daughter, did not think the parody was very accurate.

Sanders told the Denver Post, "It was good. But then it became apparent that they were misinterpreting him.

They were saying things like, "The show is all he cares about," and other things along those lines. But that is not him," Sanders stated.

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Shelomi, the youngest of Deion's five children, disagreed but thought Thompson did a decent job of portraying Coach Prime.

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