Sophia Bush Dating Recently Divorced USWNT Player And Fans Don't Know How To Feel

Earlier Tuesday afternoon, it was revealed that actress Sophia Bush is dating US Women's National Team goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris.

Because of the unusual date, the news quickly went viral on social media. Bush and Harris both divorced their partners within the last two months.

"According to sources close to the couple, the One Tree Hill actress and Ashlyn are officially dating." "The timing seems unusual,

 given that Harris only recently filed divorce papers from her wife and fellow USWNT star Ali Krieger," TMZ stated.

The revelation has caused consternation among fans. Some people feel sorry for Krieger and her two children.

"Ali Krieger, I will defend you with my LIFE," said one.Others are perplexed by the timing of the whole thing.

"Up until June, she was constantly talking about Grant, how good of a man he was and how perfect their marriage was, and so on.

" One month later, she decides to divorce her ex-husband and begins seeing a woman!? "Wait, what?!?" one person exclaimed.

"She literally had a MASSIVE Dream wedding 15 months ago with a vogue spread," another added.

We'll have to wait for additional information before passing judgment, but supporters don't.

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