T.I. and Tiny Respond to Defamation Lawsuit, Declare 'No Malice' After Denying Gun and Sexual Assault Claims

T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris filed their rebuttal to an aged defamation case on Monday, arguing they were genuine and had 

no malice" when they called their assault victim Sabrina Peterson a liar.The underlying case, filed in March 2021, accuses T.I.

and Tiny of endangering Peterson's reputation by denying both her claims that T.I. once placed a gun to her head 

and her later accusations that the pair subjected women to different sorts of sexual and physical abuse.

T.I. and Tiny waited until this week to respond with their lengthy list of defenses because an appeals court only decided what would survive 

 from their last attempt to dismiss the complaint in June. That month, the 2nd Appellate District of California dismissed five of Peterson's seven causes of action, 

 leaving just defamation and invasion of privacy. (Among other things, the court rejected claims for intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.)

In her complaint, Peterson claims that T.I. placed a gun to her head and shouted, "B****, I'll kill you," after she got into an argument with his aide. In January 2021,

she blogged about the claimed assault on her Instagram account, along with video and screen pictures reportedly showing additional women in Atlanta accusing the pair of sexual and physical abuse.

T.I., Tiny, and another buddy, Shekinah Jones Anderson, initially responded to Peterson via their combined 23.6 million subscribers

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