Taylor quick field: lessons learned at work 'Eras tour' Rollout fumbles

No major Hollywood filmmaker or actor can help but be envious of Taylor Swift for bypassing the studio system and working directly with AMC Theatres to bring her new concert movie to the big screen. 

Instead of letting a studio or independent distributor instruct her how to market and release her concert film, she could take control of the situation this way.

Taylor Swift: Eras Tour opened to a record $92.8 million domestically and $123.5 million globally over the weekend of October 13–15, making it unquestionably a success.

It already holds the record for the highest-grossing concert movie ever in North America and has the second-biggest October domestic launch, unadjusted.

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However, there are still concerns about whether Eras Tour underperformed the anticipated $100 million North American and $150 million global opening weekend and whether it missed out on any money due to its unconventional theatrical rollout.

Some draw attention to the unique messaging associated with the film (such as Swift and AMC encouraging viewers to sing and dance during the two hours and 48 minutes of the film). 

Due to AMC's unique position as both an exhibitor and a distributor, there are also worries that independent theater circuits were kept in the dark about important decisions. 

Swift and her staff were the brains behind each and every move, that much is fairly apparent. 

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