Taylor Swift has the potential to create a new norm for America's ultra-wealthy.

Taylor Swift has the chance to consider how to respect the tastes and financial reality of her youthful fans as she approaches ultra-wealth. 

Taylor Swift, 33, is one of the few millennial magnates who hasn't amassed wealth from meme stocks. 

and cryptocurrencies and is on track to become America's youngest self-made female billionaire. 

Cowboys star gets brutal Beyoncé news 

Her concert movie, Eras Tour, which debuted on Friday, has already made more than $100 million in advance sales, 

which are predicted to quadruple soon.  

The tour itself is on course to bring in up to $4 billion from ticket sales alone,  

This forecast is lower than the $90 million number for long-lead tracking that box office analytics company Quorum provided two weeks ago.

'The Marvels' is expected to gross $75-$80 million in its first weekend, which is around 50% less than the opening weekend of 'Captain Marvel.'