Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer” hits No.1 on Hot 100 because we don't have seasons anymore

Taylor Swift may have taken this startling step toward world dominance in between securing the top spot at the American box office for the second week

and weeping at the size of her domain because there are no more worlds to conquest. 

Four years after her album Lover was released, "Cruel Summer" peaked at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Swift thanked Swiftie Nation for their constant support of their friendship bracelet-wearing demigod, as she frequently does. 

 Swift and Jack Antonoff, one of the song's co-writers, shared their joy over the song's success on Instagram to Swift's 275 million followers.

Swift remarked, "It is not even summer anymore." It is deep autumn. I have on a sweater. Even though we cannot verify,

According to Deadline, it is a historic moment that "Cruel Summer" became the top song of "deep fall.

" Swift recently took control of Billboard's charts, becoming the first female performer to have 10 No. 1 singles on the Hot 100 and 10 No. 1 albums on the Billboard 200. Ironically, "

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