Taylor Swift's 'Cruel Summer' live 'Eras Tour' release surprised fans.

Taylor Swift surprised her dedicated fans, known as Swifties, with a live recording of her hit song "Cruel Summer."  

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This special release was her way of expressing gratitude to her fans for the incredible success of the "Eras Tour" concert movie, which grossed over $123.5 million globally since its release on Thursday. 

Mind-Blowing Gratitude: Taylor Swift, aged 33, expressed her astonishment at how her fans transformed "The Eras Tour Concert Film." 

Fan's Joyful Celebration: She was moved by the fan's enthusiasm, watching videos of them dancing, recreating choreography, and creating inside jokes during the theater screenings. 

Magical Moments: Fans even celebrated engagements and cast spells, contributing to the lively and magical atmosphere. 

Cruel Summer Support: Swift particularly appreciated the overwhelming support for "Cruel Summer" and shared how it led her to open "The Eras Tour" show with it. 

Live Audio Release: In a nostalgic gesture, she decided to release the live audio from the tour so that fans can enjoy it in the comfort of their homes and cars. 

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New Remix: As an added bonus, Swift included a brand new remix of "Cruel Summer" by LP Giobbi, providing fans with a fresh take on the beloved song. 

dditionally, the film encourages audiences to use their cell phones during the screening, treating it like a live concert by taking photos, videos, and dancing.  

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