Ten X-Men The MCU Must Hold Off on Introducing

The X-Men are slowly but surely making their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

and while excitement for their arrival is building, there are a few that would like to remain on the sidelines for a little while longer.

The way things are going, it appears that the X-Men will play a significant role in the rumored MCU revival.

 In light of this, there are numerous ways for the mutant populace of the new universe to unite and begin crafting the enduring X-Men narratives.

Nonetheless, for some of these individuals to make sense, they must be connected to the previously developed narratives of other MCU mutants.

In the meantime, certain characters have already garnered enough popularity to warrant a reimagining and early MCU release. 

Then there are those whose personalities are too complex and fascinating to be included in a group and who ought to have the opportunity to go out alone.

One of the most complicated X-Men characters in a narrative that is already intricate and multifaceted is Rogue. 

Her whole persona, however, is dependent on the presence of mutants because her power rests on snatching other mutants' abilities

Rogue's appearance in a setting intended to prove that mutants exist in the first place could confuse that story and increase the likelihood of

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