Terrell Owens, an NFL Hall of Famer, was hit by a car after a disagreement during a pick-up basketball game.

There were no injuries recorded, but the investigation is still underway, according to a spokeswoman from the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff's Station.

Former NFL player Terrell Owens was hit by a vehicle in Calabasas on Monday night, according to PEOPLE.

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According to a spokesman for the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff's Station,

Owens, 49, was playing basketball at a small court in the area when he and an unnamed male got into an argument.

According to law enforcement, Owens was struck by the man's vehicle, but no injuries were reported.

It was unclear whether Owens, who previously played for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, 

and Dallas Cowboys, was still at the scene when the report was taken.

According to authorities, the number of persons engaged in the event is unknown, and an investigation is still underway as of Tuesday morning. The news was initially reported by TMZ.

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