The 10 Most Cruel Avengers in Marvel History

The Avengers are the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, but some of them can and have been cruel. Here are the top ten most cruel members!

Some Avengers have a terrible history and have perpetrated atrocities, such as Wolverine putting a smuggler in a container full of dead bodies.

 Red Hulk slaughtered his colleagues before pursuing Galactus, demonstrating his savagery and pleasure in violence.

 Moon Knight's incarceration allowed him to demonstrate his harsh nature by committing violent deeds against imprisoned men, crossing the line into cruelty.

It’s more surprising that Namor ended up on the Avengers at all than it is that he’d end up on this list.

Doctor Druid is famously the worst Avengers leader in history, a title he’s been assigned for a number of reasons.

Moondragon may be known to some as a valiant Avenger who not only helped Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on a number of cosmic adventures.

While Moondragon started as a villain and became a hero, Beast has recently completed the opposite narrative journey.

Doctor Strange doesn’t just protect the world alongside the Avengers, but also the entire physical plane as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Vision is a synthezoid and long-time ally and member of the Avengers. However, during the events of The Visions storyline, it’s fair to say Vision went a little haywire.

Captain Marvel unleashed her inner darkness during one of her most brutal storylines in Marvel Comics history: The Last Avenger. 

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