The Bulls wouldn't have won eight straight NBA championships, Michael Jordan acknowledges.

People frequently assert that the Chicago Bulls might have won eight consecutive NBA championships had Michael Jordan , 

not retired in 1993 to try his hand at professional baseball. In 1993, Jordan was at the height of his abilities.  

In his final season before his initial retirement, Jordan was still 29 years old and a powerful force on both sides of the court,  

leading the league in scoring and steals.Despite being a fierce competitor, His Airness told Rick Telander that he didn't think the Bulls could have won eight straight NBA titles,  

adding that the team's dynamics weren't suitable for accomplishing such a remarkable but challenging feat.It's difficult to understand , 

how worn out the Bulls were after three straight victories since winning an NBA championship exhausts a team completely.  

It should come as no surprise that Jordan and the Bulls had additional difficulties both internally and externally during the 1992–1993 campaign.  

Jordan finally felt the effects of it, and after the Bulls defeated the Phoenix Suns to win their third straight championship, he announced his first retirement. 

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