"The Colorado Game Was a Great Example": Deion Sanders' Stanford defeat prompts Nick Saban to paint a similar picture for Alabama.

Colorado's loss to Stanford was a shocking failure for Deion Sanders' players, who blew a 29-point lead.

While many saw it as a setback for Colorado, Nick Saban saw it as an opportunity to draw parallels with Alabama football. 

Nick Saban discussed the Colorado-Stanford game on the 'Pat McAfee Show' during his weekly appearance.

He made a comparison between young players who are more prone to losing focus and making costly mistakes. 

Nick Saban has been the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide for 17 years and is well-known for his masterful coaching. 

 In contrast to Coach Prime, who overhauled his roster, he has a traditional style that focuses on each player's overall skills.

Saban discussed Colorado's heartbreaking meltdown on the 'Pat McAfee Show'.

 He compared Colorado's distracted players to his own team, which struggled to beat Arkansas

"I think the Colorado game was a great example of what happened to us last week."

Nick Saban discussed the details of Colorado’s game against Stanford which saw a decline in momentum of the former even after a considerable 29-point lead 

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