The Cowboys have announced plans to extend Dak Prescott's contract.

The Dallas Cowboys aren't playing this week, but the team's top brass provided an update on quarterback Dak Prescott.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones and his front office have remained loyal to the veteran quarterback over the years. 

That is unlikely to change anytime soon.

On October 22, Diana Russini of the Athletic wrote about a brief encounter with Cowboys COO and Jerry's son Stephen Jones. 

Dallas, it appears, has no plans to change Prescott's contract during the 2023 season.

 However, fans should expect the Cowboys to try to re-sign the quarterback in 2024.

"While walking out of the Omni Hotel this week, Cowboys executive Stephen Jones told me, '[Dak Prescott] is under contract.'"

We'll get back to that after the season is over. 'Dak will be our quarterback,' wrote Russini.

This update doesn't go into great detail, but it is a vocal confirmation of Dallas' quarterback strategy. 

Prescott has been the subject of much speculation and debate, with both Cowboys fans and national NFL fans debating whether he can lead Dallas to a Super Bowl victory.

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