Olivia Dunne Shares Sweetest Throwback Pic From Toddler Gymnastics Day

At age 21, Olivia Dunne, a gymnast who started at age 3, is the highest-paid female college athlete in the nation.

 But getting there has not been easy sailing at all.The 2023 SI Swimsuit model joined the U.S. national gymnastics team when she was a young adolescent, 

and while it was unquestionably a "honor," it was not the best fit. She was photographed by Ben Watts in Puerto Rico earlier this year. She chose a different route instead,

 receiving a full scholarship to LSU and living comfortably as a college athlete (earning seven figures).

The New Jersey native has amassed 4.4 million Instagram followers and 7.8 million TikTok followers on social media. 

She frequently posts about her professional and personal life, including how she got a dog, turned 21, was named to Forbes' 2023 Top Creators List, 

and shared relatable college student content. She also offers gymnastics training videos.

Her most recent TikTok made us cry as we imagined how little Livvy, as her fans call her, would be of her adult self. The model posted three images, each with the cutest caption.

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