The Eras Tour by Taylor Swift Box Office (Global): Tay's Concert Film Misses Projected $100 Million Milestone In North America But Surpasses $125 Million Globally To Record A Superb Opening Weekend!

Taylor Swift: To sum up The Eras Tour's theatrical run over the first weekend in a single word,

, it has been simply superb. The concert movie, which cost less than $25 million, 

did remarkably well and exceeded $125 million at the box office globally but fell short of the century in North America.

 Read on to learn more.Tay's concert biggie was projected to gross more than $100 million in the domestic market, 

 but the actual figure is a little lower. This event has always been more about pre-sales than walk-ins,

 as most swifties began ordering their tickets in advance as soon as the ticket window opened.

According to a report from Deadline, AMC estimates that the opening weekend's

 global box office will be between $126 and $130 million. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour was always anticipated to be a huge success in North America,

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