'The Marvels' is expected to gross $75-$80 million in its first weekend, which is around 50% less than the opening weekend of 'Captain Marvel.'

The Marvels from Marvel Studios and Disney had a $75-$80 million four-week lead tracking. 

The Nov. 10 release date for the Nia DaCosta-directed film. The original Captain Marvel movie, starring Brie Larson,

had an opening weekend gross of $153 million, which is around 50% less than this one.

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This forecast is lower than the $90 million number for long-lead tracking that box office analytics company Quorum provided two weeks ago.

Why the decline? Let's be honest: having a tentpole out there during a strike without its cast screaming from the cliffs doesn't help at all. Due to the strike,

there hasn't been any type of promotion for this movie at the San Diego or NYC Comic-Cons or on social media.

Others point out that the advertising debuted later than previous Marvel campaigns, which normally debuted 12 weeks before the epidemic.

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