The Only Way Yellowstone Could End Without Killing Off Kevin Costner's John Dutton

In spite of the abundance of primetime TV alternatives caused by the strike, Yellowstone, a tremendously popular western drama, 

continues to draw millions of new viewers who hadn't previously seen it on Paramount Network or streamed it with a Peacock membership. 

The wait for the remaining episodes of Season 5 is made more difficult by the revived interest in Kevin Costner's John Dutton and the rest of the Montana-set family. 

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As a result, there isn't much of a conclusion in sight just yet. But based on what we now know and some rumor-mill fuel, 

I believe I've thought of the ideal method for Yellowstone to formally conclude and establish the straight follow-up series without fans. 

Yellowstone wouldn't even be the subject of such a hypothetical discussion, and there wouldn't have been rumours of conflict between co-creator Taylor Sheridan and actor Kevin Costner. 

However, despite initial plans to keep the Dutton family around and largely intact for a few more years after Season 5, the Oscar-winning actor's scheduling conflicts and side projects, like his Horizon films, have caused him to lose interest in continuing the TV saga year after year. 

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