The Pac-12 power rankings place Colorado and Deion Sanders at ninth place.

What a week does for you! Colorado believed they had a lock on a bowl when they played Stanford.  

They now have five games in a row when they very certainly will be underdogs.  

In a league where everyone is good, the Buffs have a significant hurdle ahead of them. 

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With an 89-yard pick-6 interception return, Mishael Powell maintains the Huskies atop the leaderboard.  

The Pac-12, which appeared to be the nation's greatest league only a few weeks ago, may suddenly only have one playoff challenger left. And they only just defeated Arizona State! 

Over the following two weeks, the Beavers will travel to Arizona and then Colorado. 

After a tight loss to Washington State, three straight victories. Undoubtedly a club that is confident in its ability to claim the final Pac-12 Championship. 

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