The Saints guaranteed Derek Carr $100 million to play as the league's most nondescript quarterback.

Schrödinger's cat represents a simultaneous contradiction. Because the cat is in a closed box, the hypothetical situation leaves up  

the option that it exists or does not exist at the same moment. We only know and grasp reality when we make a specific observation 

for example, the cat is gone because we can't see it — yet the opposite side of the coin still remains. 

This is how Derek Carr looks as a professional quarterback. 

The New Orleans Saints starter appears to be talented enough to succeed at the highest level of football. A large arm. A nice touch every now and again. Athletic ability. 

Extensive knowledge. When you watch Carr play — you know, make an observation — you see a 10-year veteran who is constantly fixated  

on throwing five yards short of the sticks and who blows many throws wide before plays even start. He's a streaky player who can no longer run an effective,  

high-flying attack. If you exclude his outlier 2016, it's difficult to argue he's ever done so. 

Carr is Schrödinger's quarterback, a player who appears to be both good and horrible at the same time. After a 31-24 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night 

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