The three-year voyage has been postponed since there is still no ship.

The three-year cruise, which was slated to depart from Istanbul on November 1, was supposed to be a smooth journey across the globe and into nomadic living for its passengers.

However, with less than two weeks till the scheduled departure date, Life at Sea Cruises is navigating rough waters because it still does not have a ship.

The airline has now informed passengers, many of whom have already paid tens of thousands of dollars, that they should plan on arriving in Amsterdam on November 11 - a three-hour trip from Istanbul.

Life at Sea blamed the delay on "finalizing the funds transfer for the purchase" in a statement shared with CNN.

It stated that the transaction would be completed within a week.

When asked two weeks ago whether the sale, which had been scheduled for late September, had gone through, it returned the same response. 

"We expect to get the transfer of ownership [of the ship] next week," Kendra Holmes, CEO of Miray Cruises

which owns Life at Sea, told CNN on October 6, adding that the trip would depart as scheduled from Istanbul on November 1.

“As a team with decades of experience with the intricacies of the cruising world, we have always had contingency time built into any schedule,” she said at the time. 

Whenever the company does get its hands on the boat – the AidaAura cruise ship, due to be renamed MV Lara – it will need 18 days in dry dock to start renovations, and will then reposition to Amsterdam, according to its new statement. 

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