'Then the alligators grabbed him,' explains Ja Morant's 18-month demise

On February 18, 2022, Ja Morant, a top player for the Memphis Grizzlies, was travelling on a private aircraft with friends and family to Cleveland for the All-top Game. The event was historic, therefore he made the decision to record it.

He started his Instagram Live feed before taking a seat. He sat down, stretched his legs, and asked if there was a deck of cards around. He had a conversation with his granny.

Morant then seized a bottle of Clase Azul Tequila, one of the priciest tequila brands in the world.

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Following that, Morant moved the camera towards Kevin Helms, the Grizzlies' director of team security and a frequent ally of Morant's.

Morant commanded, "Kev, say what up Kev." Helms, who was seated in a separate row, made the peace sign.

Morant referred to Helms as "my dog rocking that MBNO" and pointed to the insignia on his hooded sweatshirt. 

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 The words "My Brothers No Others" are inked on Morant's stomach. It is a nickname for his closest friends and the name of a clothing line run by his boyhood buddy Davonte Pack, who was sitting next to him.

After that, Morant invited viewers to the MBNO pop-up in Cleveland, which was followed by a four-flame emoji response from the Grizzlies' verified Instagram account.

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