'They are literally around five feet away,' a woman says of inattentive tourists visiting a national park.

Despite decades of warnings from specialists such as the National Park Service, some individuals simply do not know how to act in the presence of wildlife.

One irritated park visitor recently shared a video of numerous people in Jasper National Park who seemed ignorant to the idea that they were risking their lives for a photo opportunity.

"This, my friend, is a touron," says Tricia Dorian (@frizzlered) in her video, which was published by the Tourons of National Parks Instagram account (@touronsofnationalparks). 

The term "touron" is a combination of "tourist" and "moron," and it refers to people who do stupid, unsafe things when on vacation in strange regions.

The dangerous action in this case was attempting to snap a group shot with a live, full-grown elk they saw grazing in the park.

"We've got one, two, three, four of them," Dorian says, filming from a safe distance as a tourist with a camera directs three pals to gather for the shot. 

"They are literally about five feet away from that elk."Fortunately for the four travelers, the elk appears to be more preoccupied with eating at the moment.

However, as the National Park Service notes on its website, wildlife may be unexpected, and an adult elk is a mountain of muscle that can weigh 1,000 pounds or more, with incredibly pointy antlers on one end and vicious hooves on the other. 

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