Tom Brady roasts Peyton Manning after the Hall of Famer mocks Brady's lavish lifestyle.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning had a fierce rivalry on the field throughout their NFL careers, and it appears that their rivalry is still alive and well.  

The two former quarterbacks like making fun of each other, which they did this week. When Peyton Manning appeared on " 

"The Pat McAfee Show" for an interview on Thursday, the jokes began to fly. During the debate, Manning  

and McAfee brought up the fact that Brady was just spotted shirtless on his $6 million yacht by himself.  

"Does he fly Delta to the yacht?" "Does Delta have a direct flight into the Bahamas to get on the yacht?" Manning inquired. 

Manning then stated that he is a man of the people, whereas Brady is not. 

"I was on a Delta flight the other night, I flew back from Hawaii, and my flight got canceled," Manning said in a statement. 

I was in 36 degrees Fahrenheit. "Has Tom flown on a Delta flight in seat 36F?"Everyone on the broadcast agreed that Brady hadn't flown a commercial in at least a decade 

Manning compared his travel to some of the coldest games he's ever played in. 

"They put me in an exit row, which is great with the leg room, but I swear the door was open," Manning went on to say.  

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