Tom Brady sends a stern message to Alex Guerrero as talk about the TB12 store increases.

Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero have one of the most intriguing business relationships in NFL history. The couple launched 

the TB12 Method a few years ago with the goal of helping athletes and people get more fit, and while it was successful, 

it caused some conflict between the quarterback and New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. 

According to Dale Arnold, a New England Sports Network broadcaster, Brady and Guerrero were no longer business partners,  

with TB12 liquidating all of its facilities. However, the quarterback celebrated Alex's birthday with a sweet message for Guerrero on Instagram: 

Tom Brady's TB12 company has been a part of his business life for the past five years, but it is not his sole commercial activity now that he has retired from football. 

Brady has explored various paths as an investor since declaring his second (and, this time, official) retirement. 

He began by purchasing a modest ownership in Mark Davis's Las Vegas Raiders and Las Vegas Aces (WNBA). More recently 

he became an investor in Birmingham City, working directly with the club's Board of Directors and executive members as they seek for a Premier League entry. 

After nearly two decades in the NFL, he didn't have much else to aim for. His time with the Patriots, working alongside Bill Belichick, 

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