Tom Holland Was Scared: Marvel Will Recast Him in $1.13B Movie After Andrew Garfield's Merciless Amazing Spider-Man Departure

Hollywood's most bankable young actor is Tom Holland. As Spider-Man, he became a global star. 

He has a huge fan base for his comic book movie roles. He has maintained his streak by entertaining audiences with back-to-back Spider-man films and a major role in the Avengers trilogy.  

In an interview, Tom Holland talked about bouncing back from box office failures. 

The actor compared his departure to previous Spider-man Andrew Garfield. 

Tom Holland "Can't Wait to See" Threequel to His Favorite Spider-Man Movie It's not MCU or Andrew Garfield's. Amazing Spider-Man 3 

Holland discussed Spider-man's legacy after Andrew Garfield with The Hollywood Reporter.  

The actor also admitted to feeling insecure if his debut film bombed. The actor worried he would struggle in the sequel. 

At No Way Home, the actor finally thanked the other Spider-Men.  

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