Travis Kelce Bought A New House For His Taylor Swift Relationship

Travis Kelce's life has changed dramatically as a result of his connection with Taylor Swift. 

According to reports, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end has purchased a new home. Kelce was apparently looking for a more private apartment  

in Kansas City. His prior residence in Kansas City was on a public street and had insufficient security. 

Kelce spent $6 million buying a mansion in a gated enclave in Kansas City. 

"Our sources say this pad is in a gated community, and it's a straight-up mansion ... 6 bedrooms, 6 baths and over 16,000 square feet of living space!!!" According to TMZ Sports. 

"It also screams luxury... we're told there's a pool with a waterfall attached, as well as a tennis and pickleball court and a mini golf course. 

Now, as for why he upgraded... our sources say he had a few things bothering him, including a need for greater solitude." 

Swift paid Kelce a visit in Kansas City earlier this month. During her visit, his residence was surrounded by fans and paparazzi. 

The Chiefs' star can easily afford it as well. Over the course of his NFL career, he has earned more than $77 million. 

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