Travis Kelce spills on his NYC weekend with Taylor Swift

At least now there is no doubt that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been out on dates.

Swift and Travis Kelce's weekend in New York City was naturally discussed in the most recent episode of their "New Heights" podcast with his brother Jason Kelce.

Jason Kelce questioned his brother about the conversation captured on camera with a member of Taylor Swift's security detail as she revved up a car.

did not yell at him. To let him know I was behind him, I put my hand on the man's back,

Travis Kelce said. He probably would have turned around and tased me if I had pushed him.

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He and Swift both made separate appearances on "Saturday Night Live" and later were seen holding hands while walking around the city.

Travis Kelce said, "I always feel like, I am a man in this situation, I am like protective, yeah for sure, 

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