Trump triumphant in court, courageous in jail.

After his fourth indictment in the election subversion and criminal racketeering case,   

the first-ever indicted US President Donald Trump said he was built differently and would win. 

Trump told NBC News on Sunday: "I'm made differently, because people have asked me,   

'How do you do it, sir? You do it how?' Not even thinking about it." 

"Do I lose sleep? I sleep because I believe we will win "The actor-turned-former president was unconcerned about the cases and confident of triumph.   

The 77-year-old said he was dealing with present Americans while lashing out at his opponents, repeating his slogan that he is always working to make America great.  

In reference to the criminal allegations he faces, he referred to them as "Biden indictments," making a reference to President Joe Biden,   

whom he holds responsible for his legal troubles. According to him, this sort of treatment is exclusively practiced in third-world countries and banana republics. 

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