"Unlock your spatial awareness and adaptability with this optical illusion."

Just in time for Halloween, your reaction to this eerie optical illusion will reveal if you're smart, optimistic, or intuitive.

The black-and-white photograph, shared by Your Tango last year and updated in June, appears to be from a children's book. 

The image is made up of three primary elements: a small child, a skull, and a spooky forest.

The dressed-up girl is looking through a breach in the woods, which displays the rest of the creepy forest line.

If you first notice the young girl, you are likely to face practically anything with ease.

Your unshakeable optimism and youthful perspective enable you to thrive in situations where others would crumble.

Others might perceive the back of the girl's dress and hair as a skull cutting through the tree gap.

Don't be concerned about death if you register the skull first.

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