Warriors Legend Is Officially Ending His NBA Career

Iguodala became an indispensable member of the Warriors' dynasty.

After being a borderline All-Star and go-to player, he embraced a new role and quickly bought into their philosophy.

With that level of maturity, the Warriors were able to have an elite sixth man anchoring their second unit, someone who could play lockdown defense and get timely buckets without losing his ego.

The Golden State Warriors will be without one of their experienced leaders next season.

Andre Iguodala has decided to retire from the NBA after 19 years in the league, according to Bleacher Report.

Andre played a key role in their first championship run, defending LeBron James and earning one of the most contentious NBA Finals MVP honors in league history.

Without his play and leadership, the Warriors would not have won four NBA championships during Steve Kerr's tenure.

He didn't play much in their previous championship run or season, but he helped pave the way and set the standard within a winning company.

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