Watch : Sam Heughan and Jimmy Fallon drink raw egg cocktails after the "Outlander" star messes up the recipe: 'Not awful'

Sam Heughan had egg on his face and in his drink after botching a cocktail recipe on The Tonight Show on Wednesday

The Outlander star, who co-founded Sassenach Spirits in 2020, was aiming to brew a pleasant little

"late-night-cap" for himself and host Jimmy Fallon when he forgot one of the processes and wound up crafting a raw egg-filled abomination instead.

"What do we have here?" Fallon inquired, inspecting the tray on his desk with skepticism. "Why do we have eggs?"

"Eggs are good for protein," Heughan said. "I'm going to make you a Ginny Fallon cocktail." You're going to assist me, my friend."

Heughan then proceeded to set out all of the components for the audience to try their hand at making one as well. 

"We've got in here, and I've been credibly informed that there's — Woo! That is, indeed, alcohol. Gin. "Wild Scottish gin," he explained. 

"We have some lemon juice." We have some simple syrup."

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