When will Lionsgate+ air episode 9 of Outlander season 7?

So, it has at long last arrived. Fans of Outlander have reached a point that they had thought would never arrive: the first half of season 7 has finished broadcasting, and now the long wait for the second half of the season begins. 

Fans did got to experience that startling mid-season conclusion, which showed Roger and his cousin Buck going back through the stones to time travel back to the 1700s in order to find Jemmy.  

who had been stolen by Rob. Of course, the moment is bittersweet because of this, as fans did get to enjoy that shocking finish. 

During this time, Jamie, played by Sam Heughan, was participating in the Second Battle of Saratoga, and the conclusion of that plot line was on a more upbeat one. 

Executive producer Maril Davis recently discussed the accusations that some fans have leveled at this season with RadioTimes.com.  

Some fans have said that Heugan's Jamie and Caitrona Balfe's Claire have not been as much of a dominant presence this season. 

Davis stated, "I'm kind of surprised by that because we can't always follow the books, but we try to follow the books as much as possible, and this really does follow the books." 

"Jamie and Claire are always going to be the center of the wheel, but there are quite a few characters to service, and Diana [Gabaldon] has done a great job of doing that throughout this book series, in addition to building characters you want to follow," 

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