When you look at Dwayne Johnson's new wax figure, it also looks back at you. 

We'll admit that as a kind of art, wax figures somewhat appeal to us. Few human endeavours, after all,  

have a tendency to diverge as sharply between aim and the actual, waxy product, 

i.e., appearing like a genuine famous person rather than their much weirder, perhaps dead sister. 

As a result, we are moved to announce the birth of a new Bad Wax Figurine. 

Hello, Dwayne Johnson in Baby Wax. Greetings from the world that will never truly adore you. 

This week, the Musee Grevin in Paris hosted the unveiling of this Black Adam celebrity version, 

which almost immediately received internet criticism that we can only describe as harsh. 

Some individuals took issue with the skin tone, while others objected to the choice to show him wearing a rare Polo shirt. 

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