Who are the Cowboys' deadline buyers? If so, which option makes the most sense?

The Dallas Cowboys enter their bye week with a 4-2 record, one game behind the division-leading Philadelphia Eagles

 and a game and a half behind the San Francisco 49ers due to a tiebreaker loss to them. 

That doesn't sound like a bad start, but Dallas' overall performance was disappointing.

Was it enough of a letdown for the club to make one or more trade deadline moves?

It's not just that they lost to the Arizona Cardinals or that they lost to the 49ers

The offensive line has continued to struggle, and the play calling has become stagnant.

The offensive line has continued its poor pass blocking from last year and has been even worse this season in the run game. 

The receivers have struggled to get separation, the team hasn't made many big plays, and they've struggled in the red zone.

The defense has had some standout performances, but it has also struggled to stop the run in a few games and hasn't gotten as many pressures as it usually does.

he loss of Trevon Diggs has taken a massive toll on the team as a whole, and at the bye, few consider Dallas to be in the same league as teams like San Francisco, the Kansas City Chiefs, or Philadelphia.

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