Why Doesn't Cristiano Ronaldo Play for Al-Nassr Against Ohod in King Cup?

For all Cristiano Ronaldo supporters worldwide, Monday night was supposed to be a huge one , 

because Al-Nassr was playing Ohod in the King Cup Round of 32 match. Fans were dismayed to learn that the great Portuguese , 

footballer will not be playing in this match. Cristiano Ronaldo isn't even on the team; he's on the bench for substitutes. 

This may be due to Ronaldo's rest, which may be a result of task management. On September 22,  

Al-Nassr played Al-Ahli; today is only three days later. The head coach didn't want to use Cristiano Ronaldo twice in quick succession.  

Cristiano Ronaldo, a 38-year-old superstar who is aging, appears to be taking a break in preparation for the Saudi Pro League match in September.  

Therefore, Ronaldo would have played three consecutive games, including the game against Al-Ta'ee,  

if he faced Ohod tonight. The aging Ronaldo could have become really exhausted as a result of this. 

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