Why Outlander's quick pace will be advantageous for Season 6 as the war draws closer

The most recent episode of Outlander advanced quickly as Season 6 continues to set up the Revolutionary War, and that won't be a terrible thing.

The stakes for the extended Fraser family are rising quickly in the sixth season of Outlander.

Grizzlies' Ja Morant punished for livestreaming gun. 

And because of this, the program should cover a lot of territory despite having fewer episodes than normal. 

It hasn't always paid off to rush through storylines and narrative twists in previous seasons.

But after three episodes and a major Revolutionary War revelation at the end .

Of "Temperance," I feel confident in predicting that the quick pacing this time around is going to be successful. 

Given that the plot has thus far been virtually entirely set at Fraser's Ridge, the pacing may not feel overly hurried compared .

To past seasons, therefore the passing of time was less noticeable until the cliffhanger reveal that the Boston Tea Party had actually taken place. 

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