Why the Fair Catch Call That Overturned Iowa’s Potential Game-Winning TD Was Correct

On Saturday, No. 24 Iowa came close to defeating Minnesota in a thrilling comeback, but their celebration was cut short by a contentious call.

Cooper DeJean, a return specialist for the Hawkeyes, fielded a punt with just over a minute remaining in the game and Iowa down 12-10.

 He then spun on the sideline and raced to the end zone. It appeared as though he had given Iowa a late 16-12 lead for a brief period of time.

However, after reviewing the play, the officials decided that DeJean's claim of a "invalid fair catch"

 warranted the ball being returned to where it had originally been given to him.

The review and its outcome were unclear, which caused some annoyance among Minnesota-based fans.

Replaying the play, DeJean can be seen waving his arm, but it seems as though he is directing traffic for his return team teammates. Notably,

 his arm does not even come close to crossing his head, which would be required to declare a fair catch.

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