Why would Tata Martino sign up for the Lionel Messi project with his 'eyes closed' 

Despite a seven-game losing streak, Tata Martino claims he would still join on for Inter Miami's initiative with his "eyes closed". 

The Florida-based team struggled to the finish line in 2023, missing out on a spot in the play-offs due to a string of poor results. 

Their season came to an end when they were defeated 1-0 away at Charlotte FC. 

Messi played in that game, but he had missed a number of crucial games due to injuries. 

His absence contributed to Inter Miami falling outside of the top four in the Eastern Conference. 

Inter Miami also reached the final of the U.S. Open Cup and Martino remains optimistic when it comes to 2024. 

“We suffered a decline at the end of the season due to exhaustion from the number of matches we had to play. 

We had many competitions, a change of coach and roster changes in the middle of those competitions, and it was difficult to maintain the same form over four months. 

But if someone had told me before I signed here that we would win one of the three trophies, I would have signed with my eyes closed. 

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