'Yellowstone' chef discusses Kevin Costner's favorite dishes, saying he's a 'picky eater'

The chef behind the "Yellowstone" series has revealed information about star Kevin Costner's "picky" eating habits.

Gabriel "Gator" Guilbeau, who prepares meals for the entire set on all of Taylor Sheridan's "Yellowstone" shows and also plays Gator on the hit program, confessed to Delish that Costner's eating habits are similar to those of his character John Dutton.

Guilbeau created a pineapple bourbon bread pudding dish for the publication and revealed that Costner adores this particular dinner.

"Kevin Costner is a pretty difficult person to feed," he said. "Mostly because he's so simple." Simple ingredients and dishes, such as bread pudding, are fantastic."  

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The chef remembered a scene in "Yellowstone" in which he served the Dutton family octopus amid a difficult conversation at the dining table. 

According to Guilbeau, the seafood dish was cooked for the Duttons, but "Kevin is a very picky eater." He would never, ever, ever eat genuine octopus."

In the sequence, John Dutton's reaction reflected the actor's personal opinion of an octopus. Guilbeau explained how things went down from the chef's perspective.

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