The EP "Pain Pills or Pews" by Luke Grimes was released on Friday and is a must-listen for country music aficionados.

The actor most known for his role as Kayce Dutton in "Yellowstone" has a thriving country music career. He's more than just a good actor.

Grimes is just as excellent at singing country songs as he is at killing bad guys as the youngest Dutton song on the neo-western smash.

Unlike mainstream country, which is economically successful but has a message, Grimes' music is profound, dark, and a roller coaster ride.

"Pain Pills or Pews" has eight tracks, all of which are excellent. Several were previously available, and the new songs "Ghost of Who We Were," "Where It's Blue," and "Ain't Dead Yet" were all published on Friday.

It's always refreshing to watch a talented man dabble in more than one field. Kayce Dutton is one of the best characters on "Yellowstone," and Grimes' performance is a big part of that.

With the show on indefinite hiatus, he has continued to concentrate on his music career. So far, he's had a lot of success.

It helps that he already has a built-in audience from the Taylor Sheridan program, but make no mistake about it. His music exists on its own, apart from whatever he's done for "Yellowstone."

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