"Zelda gamers turn a colossal fossil into a flying machine in Tears of the Kingdom." 

Tears of the Kingdom offers various tools to create unique vehicles, like dino mechs and floating cars."

"Monsters in the game drop materials for equipment upgrades, vehicle crafting, and weapon enhancement."

 "Players can merge colossal fossils with Zonai devices to make massive aircraft, which can be armed with rockets and emitters."

 "Tears of the Kingdom equips players with the tools to build a wide range of vehicles."

"Some players draw inspiration from sci-fi classics, recreating UNSC Savannah and N-1 Starfighter using spare materials."

1. "Tears of the Kingdom's vast monster variety yields valuable materials for gear, elixirs, and vehicle construction."

1. "Colossal fossils, combined with Zonai devices, turn into vehicles featuring propulsion elements like fans and balloons."

Lionel Messi strikes back with two goals in Argentina's 2-0 win over Peru

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